Degree Show

My work is Labour intensive and the detail is not from a photograph it just comes from my mind.

Vivid, vibrant, psychedelic patterns and colours intentionally dominate surfaces I paint. I am a painter who combines elements of mixed media, sculptural aspects and three dimensions. My work reflects the complexity of cultural roots in Latin America resembling my mixed race background (Colombian/British). Influenced by aesthetics and celebration of burials in Latin America, my piece in the exhibition is a juxtaposition of belief and denial in the phenomena that is death.

‘La celebración de la vida y la muerte está representada a través del color y el dibujo’


Skull and cross

For the Peter Scott gallery I created a skull and cross in the style of my overall project. I wanted to give an idea to what was to come in the bowland studio area for my installation room without giving too much away. Damien Hirst-esque and Day of the Dead is how I got inspiration for the skull. The coffee beans surrounding the sculpture represents soil/earth and Colombia in South America.

Quick Diagram- installation

I created a quick diagram just to give me an idea to my overall degree show layout, this helped me with what I wanted each bit to entail of. I wanted to create an installation room with my tiles on the inside, while sound plays inspired by the previous artist and for the door to lead to this hidden dark room. My idea was recreating a tomb/grave but also having the sense of being inside a church. and the door representing a door between life and death. Like Egyptians pyramids and Inca temples, audiences can use a small source of light to view the artwork inside but obviously the room will be a Latin American theme. The sound will be my mum saying prays in Spanish. room d


Video and Sound exhibition/piece

I bought tickets to see a video and sound piece close to where I live in Todmorden, I expected it to be quite dark so was intrigued at how they used that especially as I am interested in creating a dark space. The piece was inspired by local landscapes and weather change. It also combined elements of interpretive dance and digital abstract video work. It was interesting to see how sound was used, and the overall experience was beautifully atmospheric and tranquil because of the sound. Below is a video I took of the piece.

Sculpture Artists

As my work has mixed media parts and attached objects , I began to research sculpture artists including, Jedidiah Caesar, Abraham Cruzvillegas.  This has helped guide my sculptural aspects to my work as well as other influences. I particularly enjoy Jim Drains work as he has combined vivid colours with sculpture. Jim Drain uses saturated psychedelic hues and patterns in a combination of formal exploration, art history, and popular culture. Further research into his work led me to discover that he has also created a colourful installation room but this time with darker lighting and the sun shining through pieces to create reflective light on the floor.

jim dr

Saturdays ransom 2010


Artist – Tony Galigo

`Because the Day of the Dead is really a celebration of life,” said Tony Galigo, “it’s natural that food is present.”

While researching for my dissertation I found this artist and couldn’t believe my idea of creating an installation room was similar in some ways to his piece ‘Let it go’ Mexican American Room installation 1995. His piece celebrates the ancient holiday of “Day of the Dead”, it is interesting to see how he has created a shrine to deceased family member using photographs, crosses, vibrant material, flowers and skulls. Very reflective of religion and Mexican spirit. 13446005_10153863117581026_1278817699_o


3rd term start and ideas

So I began thinking about ways of presenting my work to represent Burials, memories and Death while both portraying cultures ‘British’ and ‘Latin American. Still working with tiles and objects I started to think about the objects I were choosing to put on the tiles instead of using them without thought. I decided to collect objects that particularly stood out as being ‘British’. I noticed that when people were looking at these completed tiles, comments received were ” I remember using these” and “This reminds me of when” which implies that in their time living in England they have used these at some point in their life (memories). I have also started working further on the door and attaching British objects on this piece too.

Latin American culture will however be a dominant theme moreso than british, as I want to use colours, patterns and sound to show a different side to the mourning especially as the audience will be british for the end of year degree show. Having always added something a little different to my paintings (i.e objects and mixed materials) I want to push this even further and step beyond what I have already created so far

Painting is a time consuming process especially in the style of this project and if I plan to create an installation room it might be very challenging.