Monthly Archives: November 2013

Marc Chagall – Tate Liverpool

Marc Chagall’s work is modern and uplifting. His exhibition at the Tate gallery Liverpool explores colour, composition and structure, mark-making and expression of his love towards emotional relations with his family, community, religion and world events. I enjoy how Chagall uses colour to emphasise his feelings in his work.

My favourite painting is Paris through the window, for me it captures the wackiness and shock value it had back in the early 1900’s when a different kind of art was beginning to surface. It shows Chagall’s passion and love of the city. He uses texture in the way he paints, portraying haziness and close likeness to a dream.

What caught my eye however, was the interpretation of Jewish nature in his portraits and figures, almost as if he was stereotyping himself; Maybe Chagall was portraying them as lonely? It is unsure but using one of his quotes ‘If I were not a Jew… I wouldn’t have been an artist, or I would be a different artist altogether’ it is evident that there is honesty to his work and an intriguing nature to them. I am not so keen on his darker duller works because they are reflective on his personal problems creating gloomy atmosphere surrounding the paintings but there is no doubt that he was an extremely talented artist.

The exhibition fits my current interests as an aspiring artist; I enjoy experimenting with different techniques as Marc Chagall did with cubism, Orphism and other traits. It is interesting to learn about how Chagall was known as an artist who really knew how to use colour. I would say that at the moment my discipline is painting so it was interesting to see how Chagall’s life evolved through painting. The exhibition definitely gave me a wider insight to specialising in painting.


Broken things and fragments

As part of a video workshop I created a film that represents my project ‘Broken’.
I have never really made a film before or edited one so it was interesting to see how the outcome would be. I wanted to produce a piece of footage that was slow motioned to capture the sudden break of the object. When starting to edit the footage I thought it would be interesting to also reverse the process. The broken object also created an interesting appealing sound breaking and re-fixing itself.