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Artists influence- Jason Gringler and Takahiro kimura

3x Takahiro Kimura images followed by 2x Jason Gringler

Black and white Colour face broken face redkilling-sisyphus[1]the-third-eyenebula-version[1]

Both of these artists have influenced my work. They both interpret the word broken and fragmented visually into there work.

Photo references:



Object work

DSCF1224 DSCF1225 DSCF1226 DSCF1227 DSCF1228 DSCF1229 DSCF1232 DSCF1233 DSCF1234 DSCF1235 DSCF1236 DSCF1237 DSCF1238 DSCF1239 DSCF1240 DSCF1241 DSCF1242 DSCF1243 DSCF1244 DSCF1245 DSCF1247 DSCF1248 DSCF1249 DSCF1251 DSCF1252 DSCF1258 DSCF1259 DSCF1260 DSCF1261 DSCF1262 DSCF1264 DSCF1265 DSCF1266 DSCF1272 DSCF1276

My object I chose for the sculpture and photography work was a Russian doll, I think this fitted quite well to my theme as it can be referred to as broken when separated. I photographed my object in interesting places as well as taking into consideration the placing of the object in each photograph. Some I took in black and white and others I kept in colour. I also adjusted the hue, saturation and contrast on the photos to make it vibrant and to stand out.

Experimentation with film

The film is a short clip of a face painted (as if she had a fragmented face). I also merged in another film of a plate smashing by changing the opacity of both films. I think that it is effective but could be done to a better level, this is due to lack of knowledge on editing films however with time I can improve the film by learning more skills on the software premiere. Improvements on the piece would include getting rid of the jolty frames (making them flow) and to also make the whole image brighter and clear but apart from that I am happy with the effect it creates. I also enjoy how it creates a reaction within audiences. When showing this piece to one art group it was interesting to see how they viewed the piece, some said the girl looks lonely and sad whereas others said it was hypnotizing in a scary manner.

Elements of a film

DSCF1390 DSCF1391 DSCF1392

Working with film opened up opportunities to get creative. As part of a film workshop I filmed a piece that involved an object breaking in slow motion combined into a friends face I infused colour onto. I tried to use the colour in a way that it created a kind of fragmented effect. These still images show the process towards my film.