‘Juxtaposition of similarities and differences’ (black and white,colour)

DSCF2084 - Copy DSCF2084

My final piece involves 8cm x 8cm little squares all painted with jagged edges and in bright colours. They all make up a big square, creating the piece of art as a whole aesthetic. They represent how close two words that are the totally opposite can be. People say that Love and Hate are closer than you think. I believe that all people are closer than we think. The tiles are all the same size and have similar styled patterns however looking at them closely they  all have special independent details. Just like humans we all function the same but to delve deeper we uncover the special unique things that make us different. The tiles grouped act as a society and singularly as individuals.

The black squares represent the individuals that have been stripped back from the colours, the colour acts as a mask and uncovered there is a single word. Each black square has a word that is opposite to another black square. Conveying the meaning of different words being very similar.

I decided to post two of the same photo but one in black and white, I just wanted to experiment with this to see what the effect would be without colour. Without the colour I am more drawn in to the shapes and how each tile put together seen to create bigger angles matched up. The black squares seem less effective too. The angles seem to create some sort of 3D effect as if it is bulging towards my eyes.



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