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Sound- Prayers primary source

Rather than get a sound from YouTube I wanted to use my own source. I started recording my mothers voice chanting and saying prayers. I also got her to hold a candle and rosary beads. She does this every night but this night I filmed her. I filmed more than one video but only this one would upload. I also tried to get my family who live in Colombia to record sound of prayers from their village church but because of communication difficulties I have not yet heard back.


Objects and door elements

From the previous posts I started to combine ideas of celebration of death, life and techniques. The objects I have placed onto the tiles and door are little trinkets and objects from houses that have been used from a moment of their life. Similar to Latin American burials in how they use objects as a type of identification and meaning. At the beginning of the term I asked people the same question if you could have one object to be buried with you what would it be, Many answered meaningful jewellery, souvenirs, books, photographs etc.  I then realised that even though these objects have meaning to that person there are many others that families, friends will  think about when they think about that particular person, something as a memory or reminder. Each person will have one thing different to another. For example I wouldn’t want a nursery rhyme tape buried with me however to my mother it might be a significant reminder of me.

I also began to realise that different things are an indicator to a stage of life and age. For example on the door I have attached a teddy and little toys from my childhood, also attached are a tampon and condom a indicator of adolescence.

Sweets symbolize Latin American celebrations and especially ‘Day of the Dead’ often given as a gift to the deceased. I have attached sweets to the door as a replication of this but also as a representation of childhood. I may experiment more with food and creating a preservative mask as the sweets worked well and looked affective. DSCF4855


Deciding to make my art more of experience and to link more to death, I wanted to create something more then the tiles. Painting a door and adding mixed media/sculptural aspects evolved my work. I wanted to create something that was still similar to my tiles, so I used similar elements such as small detail and objects attached and because it is a larger surface it allows me to add larger objects. The door also helped me trail and error different patterns and experiments and because its acrylic it is easy to paint over and change the mistake.

Thinking more toward degree show and final presentation , the door will be presented before anything else is seen and hopefully will be functioning. It will be the entrance to the dark space and the only way out also. People often say there is a doorway between life and death and I want this to reflect that.

Tiles and new surroundings

In first term I focused on what elements would consist on my tiles. The more I created the more I realised it was something I wanted to strengthen and pursue. Researching Latin American art helped me do this. However the more I researched the more I wanted to make this more of an experience of a celebration of death my focus of context. In a group crit I had many positive comments towards my work but the only thing that lacked expressed by few was the portrayal of death from my pieces. I decided to experiment with how my art would look in a dark space as if people were walking into a tomb. I also wanted to combine the aspect of sound by using South American mass (prayers and chants). The first film didn’t work as well as the torch wasn’t bright enough and neither was the sound losing the colour factor. The second Film worked a lot better the light source was better and the sound is clearer, I think the dark space works particularly well as the experience and feeling you get from the echoes of the mass and the intimate relationship with the tiles/objects really captures the essence of Latin American death and ‘life’.




Jayson Musson

I am interested in wood texture and pattern texture, combining these is something I would like to experiment with using batiks I have created and manipulating them to look similar to wood texture. Jayson Musson has created pieces out of textiles and transformed them to look like one piece of art work. Ecuadorian textiles are an important part of Latin American culture. They are bright with rich colours, and something used in everyday life across the whole of South America.