Latin American burial, death and celebration

After in-depth  research of the Latin American culture I realised my style, technique and use of colour is influenced by this. I also understood that being brought up with a South American background must have also provided me with insight to there ways of life and not knowingly affecting the art I create today. Since having been to a South American cemetery the feeling experienced differentiates from the feeling of visiting a cemetery in England. It strangely feels more alive (ironically) The way the graves are presented are like squares stacked on top of each other (similar to my tiles). Little trinkets and objects are often left surrounding each tomb, giving clues to who the person was and in a way representing a stage in their life from when the object meant something. They are also sometimes painted in bright vivid colours or even sometimes painted white (white meaning peace). The culture tends to celebrate death rather than mourn it. Festivals such as Day of the Dead and the Kite festival (Guatemala) are an informative way of some of the ways the Latin Americans celebrate death or rather life. Colours and patterns infuse these events; Prayers, chants and happiness fill the place.


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