Tiles and new surroundings

In first term I focused on what elements would consist on my tiles. The more I created the more I realised it was something I wanted to strengthen and pursue. Researching Latin American art helped me do this. However the more I researched the more I wanted to make this more of an experience of a celebration of death my focus of context. In a group crit I had many positive comments towards my work but the only thing that lacked expressed by few was the portrayal of death from my pieces. I decided to experiment with how my art would look in a dark space as if people were walking into a tomb. I also wanted to combine the aspect of sound by using South American mass (prayers and chants). The first film didn’t work as well as the torch wasn’t bright enough and neither was the sound losing the colour factor. The second Film worked a lot better the light source was better and the sound is clearer, I think the dark space works particularly well as the experience and feeling you get from the echoes of the mass and the intimate relationship with the tiles/objects really captures the essence of Latin American death and ‘life’.





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