3rd term start and ideas

So I began thinking about ways of presenting my work to represent Burials, memories and Death while both portraying cultures ‘British’ and ‘Latin American. Still working with tiles and objects I started to think about the objects I were choosing to put on the tiles instead of using them without thought. I decided to collect objects that particularly stood out as being ‘British’. I noticed that when people were looking at these completed tiles, comments received were ” I remember using these” and “This reminds me of when” which implies that in their time living in England they have used these at some point in their life (memories). I have also started working further on the door and attaching British objects on this piece too.

Latin American culture will however be a dominant theme moreso than british, as I want to use colours, patterns and sound to show a different side to the mourning especially as the audience will be british for the end of year degree show. Having always added something a little different to my paintings (i.e objects and mixed materials) I want to push this even further and step beyond what I have already created so far

Painting is a time consuming process especially in the style of this project and if I plan to create an installation room it might be very challenging.


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